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Chameleon is one of our long time American buddies. We were always treated special by Ken and his crew and over the years have forged a really great relationship. When we arrive at the Vegas shows, the Chameleon booth is the first one we visit. We sure love our Chameleon pipes and so do the Shell Shock regulars. An Interview with Ken from Chameleon 1) If you could blow with anyone in History, who would it be? Jason Lee, he is a legit innovator in glass. 2) When did you start blowing glass and what inspired you? Chameleon's inception is 1991, so I will use that date, inspiration is use of a "new" medium for art. 3) What is you favorite color to blow with? Triple Passion 4) How did you come to be hooked up with Shell Shock? Met Mz. Awesomeness @ a Trade Show. 5) Do you have any pets A Fish, a Yellow Lab and a Teacup Chihauhua 6) How long have you been in business Since 1991 7) What sets you apart from other blowers? Creating unique applications of technique and glass technology for production pieces. 8) Have you been involved in, or won any glass blowing competitions? Typically, I am more the host than the competitor 9) When you got the munchies, what is your favorite snack? Peanut Butter, anything with Peanut Butter. 10) Do you have any stories of the glass industry you would like to share Ask me no questions, I tell you no lies. 11) What current artist would you like to make a collab with? JP 12) If you could miniaturize any animal real or fictional and make it your pet, what would it be and what is its size? A dolphin, 2ft long and just as smart

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Video one is a demo of the Typhoon pipe from Chameleon Glass Video Two and three are how a pipe is made

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my name is milton and I had worked in your company a few years ago, I`m glad to see you guys here I`dont know if steve and mike still working there, really miss you guys I`m a glass blower forever I hope you answer this soon