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An electroform glass bong wrapped in rope, w/ titanium nail

Here is a little interview with our friends at Dub Glass. We first met Isaac and his lady back when they worked at Faded Glass. Now he is in charge of his own company and doing some really wicked work for Shell Shock

How Many People work For Dub Glass?
We've got 8 to 10 guys at any time doing all kinds of different things for the company. 7 artists as well my right and left hand men, who help me do all of the things necessary to keeping the company running on a day to day basis.

Do you all collab on the pieces together or do you each do your own thing?
We love to collab as much as possible, whether it's in house or with other artists.

Your new electroformed pieces are amazing, what made you want to start doing that?
We began our electroforming because we are big fans of all types of artistic media. The opportunity to bring glass and metal together is right up our alley. Saign Charlestein who is our lead electroformer and all around metal wizard, is an armourer, welder, fabricator, machinist, prop maker and complete bad ass. He and his step-dad Dragon have more film credits than I could list. As an existing member of the Dub crew and one of the best metal fabricators around Saign was the only choice to head our electroforming endeavors.

You guys do all sorts of things, but you seem to have a lot of concentrate pieces, what made you decide to do more concentrate stuff?
We "concentrate" on extract pieces because that's where the movement is at and is heading. We were and are fans of everything involved this culture and lifestyle. We strive to be and intend to stay on the cutting edge of smoking accessories and technology. We're always "concentrating" on product testing!

We heard some of you guys got started at Faded, how was it working there?
Faded, even though it turned out not to last, was a fun creative outlet and a valuable learning experience. It was also an opportunity to meet lots of cool heads who still still have an impact on my life today.

What Inspires you guys
Vaping and smoking is what we do and what inspires us. It is the whole reason we do what we do.

What kind of Pets do you own
Lots of us have pets and we're definitely dog people.

Last but not least, if you could miniaturize or enlarge any animal, mythical or real, and make it your pet, which animal would you choose and what size?
I'd like a palm sized silver back gorilla to go with the miniature giraffe I already have, so I can round out my mini animals of Africa collection. :-)

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