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(A Paraphrased interview with BettiJo, of Ed Wolfe) So who does all the work? Who's behind it all? I do the marble work on all the pieces, and Jeremy (Mr. Able) is our main man, he's back home, but he does all the lathe work. He has 13 years experience, totally self taught. If you could have a prehistoric beast of any size, what would you keep as a pet? A housecoat sized sabre toothed tiger. I don't want the little guy to get out of hand! No one else does the crazy full colour work on borosilicate that you guys do, how did you get the idea? We all started with pipes, when there weren't many people even making tubes. We just applied the same technique. It seemed like a no brainer to us. What about the characteristic donut some of your pieces tout? That was a bit of a pissing contest. We wanted to see if we could. Well, we can! How do you find yourselves fitting in to the current industry? Your stuff is so different from the rest. We just refuse to let go of the artistic element, we refuse to compromise. What is your favourite food to eat after smoking? Magic Chocolate Chip Cookies! If you could make a piece for any celebrity and smoke it with them, who would you pick? Siegfried and Roy. It's a shame about the tiger.

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