Homeblown Glass

When you think of the average glass blower, you might picture a long haired hippy type that cares more for the art than the paycheque it brings in. And if you met Fred from Homeblown Glass, you might be inclined to think the same of him. Although not long haired, he grows his own tangelos on his tree in Arizona that he readily shares with anyone, along with his home brewed beer (the strawberry lager is exquisite!), he claims he's NOT the starving artist of the glass world. He claims he's a little cog in the big wheel of the glass industry. But rather than try to copycat and undercut other glass blowers, Fred comes into the industry with totally different work then anyone is used to seeing. He's done it all, from creating bowls for Tommy Chong to getting busted with a grow op, and serving time for the non crime. For all his claims, he's dedicated to making a homey environment for himself and his buyers when he makes his way to Vegas twice a year to sell his glass. He says he likes to hand out water and nuts and fruit and beer just because people like free stuff. I think we can all appreciate that! His favourite creation of late is his chocolate cherry stout and he loves using unique ingredients in his brews. Salt from the grand Canyon? Why not? And if he could have any dinosaur as a pet, he'd have a little brontosaurus the size of Dino from the Flintstones! We could all use a little Fred in our lives, and you can share the love with one of his fine bowls!

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Videos from Homeblown Glass, check out his The Slider in video 2!

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