Plenty Vape, by Storz and Bickel

Volcano has done it again!!! With all the excitement and sudden popularity of vaporizing, Storz and Bickel have come out with a new and improved unit of their own... The Plenty Vape. Initially it looks a little intimidating but once you get the run down it is pretty self explanatory.

It is super simple to load and operate. Pure, Tasteful and Efficient just like the box said. I found I was getting better hoots that the traditional bag model and I felt a little more in control of how much vapor I wanted to take in. It seemed to take less time to heat up and our session time was cut down in half without having to wait for the Volcano balloon to fill up. It was really nice to not have to hear the bag filling up or have the clunkiness of the bag to pass around. It also has a temperature gauge which works really precisely so you knew exactly when it was at the right temperature to draw your vapor.

I'm very impressed with Storz and Bickel's latest model... once again they have brought vaporizing to the next level.

Available soon at your favorite Shell Shock location