Something for the warm Weather

Here is a little recipe to get you through those long stoney summer days from the original Weed Diva, Watermelon


Recipe for Medical Marihuana Margaritas.

You will need:

1. A mason jar stuffed full with marihuana leaves
White tequila
3. Limes (lots)
4. Honey
5. Sea salt
6. Patience 
7. Ice cubes

Simply pack a mason jar with some marihuana leaves and pour in tequila of choice then secure lid firmly. 

Shake every once in a while. Let sit for 2 weeks or more. Or less. Heat can speed things up. 

Strain off botanical features from the now Vitamin T juice and use in favourite margarita recipes.

Personally I like only fresh squeezed lime, honey, and ice cubes. 

For Two

2 glasses with rims lightly salted
2 ounces Medical Tequila
2 limes freshly squeezed
2 Tbsp. Honey
15 Ice cubes 

Blend on HIGH!!! 

With Medical Tequila you are now ready to cure a cold, flu, depression, stomach upset, bankruptcy, broken heart, pig latin, atheism, slavery, a fallen souffle, rejection, and so much more.