Summer is Upon Us


Summer is upon us and it is the perfect time to get blazin. There are many reasons to get outside and enjoy our short yet awesome Edmonton summer. So pack your bong and get out there. One of the best summer treats is sitting on you deck or in your back yard and lighting your bowl with a magnifying glass. This is the true hippie way and it is also perfect for beaches, lakes and the trips on the boat, anywhere it is windy. Another all time favorite is the classic slurpie bong. Get your favorite icy beverage and add it to your bong. Just remember to rinse it out after it is all done.

There is also so much to do in Edmonton, and you know what they say, “if it is any fun, it must be better when you are high” So check out some of our favorite Edmonton stoner festivals. Heritage Days is my fav, as all you do is eat. A great venue to bring the iolite and eat you face off. Taste of Edmonton is also a culinary delight, find a friend, hit the bong and chow down. For you non eaters there is the Edmonton street Performers, Blue’s Fest, the Fringe, and many more more exciting events. Look for your casual stoner out there because I’m sure they would love to share a hoot with you


Looking for 420 hookup. May/07/2012