What the F, is new at Shell Shock

Well folks the buyers at Shell Shock have been heading south to get some of that new product, and here is a little recap of some of the products that we have been getting in. To get the full story drop by one of our locations and talk to a knowledgable staff member.

Thermo vapes – small battery orperated vape with both herb or concentrate models. There is also a concentrate attachment so you can have it all. Comes with a nice plastic case for storage. Also in Vapes is the Raw Atmos Vape. Cool little pen vape that works with leaf rather than just concentrates. And As we mentioned before the G-pen. All awesome and all in stock

Candles - a whole bunch of tasty new flavors from country meadows, These locally made soy candles are excellent for odor control or as a massage oil

Clippers - we got 4 new graphics for the round ones.

Books – a couple new grow ones and a great medical one I may have to pick up myself! Check out the new Cannabis Indica book, some really nice bud pics

Crush glass – stylin pipes from portland

Stashcans – We got all the pop flavors back in, but hurry fast

Dugouts – A bunch of fresh new graphics, some even glow in the dark! These are some excellent dugouts from a guy named Doug

Grinders - key chain cards along with a couple new style of the regular wallet cards. So if you have seen the V-Syndicate grinders, now there is a more portable one

Incense – Some new mini nag champa, hemp sticks with a holder, and some stackable incense!

Soft touch boxes – Cool little stash boxes to keep your stuff hidden

Lastly Giant Bob Marley Lighters, I bet these will be gone by 420!