Frequently Asked Toker Questions (FATQ)

I just started hiitting the essence, do I need to get a new piece or can I convert my old bong?


Dr Kronic would reccomend that you get a new piece.  The bongs you use for toking flower are made for just that, toking flower.  When you are smoking the essence you need very little air, therefore making a small piece better.  There are also options with Health Stones, vapor pens, and other ways to do your essence.  Head down to Shell Shock to talk to a representative today

What type of Butane should I be using for my Essence extraction?


We at Shell Shock reccomend Colibri or Iolite Butane (which is essentially Colibri) 

If you cannot find Colibri try to find one of the butane brands listed. And by all means avoid Ronson, Bernz-o-matic or other butane not listed below, they add smell to their butane and this smell is left behind making the oil taste very bad.

Other Brands that are good to use: 



What is the Green Hit?


If you are offered the "green hit" (first hit), take it, but don't light the entire bowl. You can take a nice hit and still leave most of the green intact. This is called "cornering the bowl." Hold the lighter at the edge of the bowl and suck the flame towards one corner of the weed. If the bowl is packed, there should be enough green for three or four people. (This tip is most appreciated when smoking expensive marijuana.)

Why should I use a 420 Scope?


So many reasons! One is to compare different types of herb; for the first time you'll actually be able to see the trichomes and know exactly what you're smoking. Growers like the 420 Scope because it allows them to check for mites and mold, plus know the optimal time to harvest. Then there's the fun factor - it's a cool gadget and lets you see herb like never before. Zoomed in at 60 to 100 times magnification, some of the views are just incredible.

Why should I use a 420 Jar?


Several reasons. Number 1 - Freshness. Herb isn't cheap; don't let the quality degrade by storing it in a plastic baggie. Number 2 - Presentation. 420 Jars look good and show you have a little style and a taste for the nicer things in life. Number 3 - Smell. 420 Jars help contain that infamous herb odor.

Why do you cook with oil and not butter?


Oil is much easier to work with than butter. Butter will burn, boil and smoke at a much lower temperature than cooking oil. Most cooking oils exhibit a lower smoke point than butter. Most store-bought brownie recipes call for cooking oil. This makes integrating the extracted THC much easier into these brownies recipes.

Can applicants grow their own marijuana?


Yes, if you are authorized by Health Canada to possess dried marijuana for medical purposes, you can apply for a Personal-Use Production Licence or apply to have someone grow for you with a Designated-Person Production Licence if you are unable to grow your own.

Where does Health Canada's supply of marijuana come from?


In December 2000, Health Canada contracted Prairie Plant Systems Inc. (PPS) to cultivate and produce a safe, standardized, homogenous supply of marijuana.

How does someone apply to possess marijuana for medical purposes?


An application must be submitted in writing to Health Canada. Application forms and guidelines are available online or by calling Health Canada toll-free, at: 1-866-337-7705. Applicants must provide a declaration from a medical practitioner to support the application.

Who is eligible to obtain an authorization to possess marijuana?


The regulations outline two categories of people who can apply to possess marijuana for medical purposes.

Category 1: This category is comprised of any symptoms treated within the context of providing compassionate end-of-life care; or the symptoms associated with the specified medical conditions listed in the schedule to the Regulations, namely:

  • Severe pain and/or persistent muscle spasms from multiple sclerosis;
  • Severe pain and/or persistent muscle spasms from a spinal cord injury;
  • Severe pain and/or persistent muscle spasms from spinal cord disease;
  • Severe pain, cachexia, anorexia, weight loss, and/or severe nausea from cancer;
  • Severe pain, cachexia, anorexia, weight loss, and/or severe nausea from HIV/AIDS infection;
  • Severe pain from severe forms of arthritis; or
  • Seizures from epilepsy.

Applicants must provide a declaration from a medical practitioner to support their application.

Category 2: This category is for applicants who have debilitating symptom (s) of medical condition (s), other than those described in Category 1. Under Category 2, persons with debilitating symptoms can apply to obtain an Authorization to Possess dried marihuana for medical purposes, if a specialist confirms the diagnosis and that conventional treatments have failed or judged inappropriate to relieve symptoms of the medical condition. While an assessment of the applicant's case by a specialist is required, the treating physician, whether or not a specialist, can sign the medical declaration.

Does the legislation by Health Canada mean that marijuana is a legal substance?


No. Marijuana is categorized as a controlled substance. It is not legal to grow or possess marijuana except with legal permission by Health Canada. The Marihuana Medical Access Regulations allow access to marijuana to people who are suffering from grave and debilitating illnesses. It is important to note that the Regulations deal exclusively with the medical use of marijuana. They do not address the issue of legalizing marijuana.

Where does Canada stand on the issue of medical use of marijuana?


On July 30, 2001, Health Canada implemented the Marihuana Medical Access Regulations, which clearly define the circumstances and the manner in which access to marijuana for medical purposes will be permitted. The Regulations contain three main components: Authorizations to possess dried marijuana; licences to produce marijuana, which include Personal-Use Production Licences and Designated Person Production Licences; and access to supply of marijuana seeds or dried marihuana.

Why hemp wick over lighter?


Lighters use metal and flint to ignite a volatile chemical. A lot of the by products from burning these materials can be inhaled along with all the good smoke. Hemp wick on the other hand is an all natural hemp twine coated in beeswax. There still may be some by products being produced from the burning of these products, but they are not harmful. I find hemp wick even adds a nice honey flavor sometimes!

Come chat with Dr. Kronic at any of our 3 locations to find out more!

What's the benefits of using a bong?


The main benefit of using a bong is that it uses water filtration! The smoke is pulled through the water before it hits your lungs. As it travels through the water the smoke is forced into small bubbles and this causes it to lose a lot of it's heat. This is a great benefit on it's own, but the water also filters out a lot of the larger particles in the smoke that can be damaging to your lungs. Things like ash, tar, and even butane from your lighter.

This results in a cleaner and smoother toke!

What is vaporizing, and why is it beneficial?


The good thing about cannabis is that it does not have to be ignited, or burned, to get the good stuff out of it.

Vaporizers basically heat up the cannabis to a point before burning. This allows the THC and other cannabinoids to be released, while the bad stuff like heat, tar, and carcinogens are not being released. Then a clean cool vapor, much like water vapor, is being inhaled, rather then harmful smoke.

There are tons of great benefits to owning a vaporizer so come down any one of our 3 locations and talk to Dr. Kronic for more details!

What is the difference between the WISPR and the Iolite?


The WISPR is finally at Shell Shock! There are a few differences between the new WISPR and the Iolite. The WISPR is almost like the upgraded version of the Iolite. It is still made of plastic, like the Iolite, but it has more of a modern look and comes in 5 designer colors. I found I did get a larger toke from the WISPR and it does heat up faster. One major benefit is that it has a butane window so you always know how much butane you have.

There are lots of other great features so come down to the shops to check it out completely!