Dynomite Distrobution

Our first memory of seeing Dynomite glass was at a CHAMPS show in vegas and they had hired a little person to dress up as a prospector and hand out stickers.  That image definitely left an impression on us and as we became more confident in the US glass scene we soon gravitated over to Dynomite.  Dynomite carries some really nice, affordable glass art that fits very well into the Shell Shock mindset.  From Pipes to bongs, to bowls and accesories Dynomite carries it all.  So come by a shop or look online at all the funky and cool creations from Gary and his crew from Dynomite.

Here is our interveiw with Gary


  1. If you could blow with anyone in History, who would it be and why?  (ie, Jesus, Joan of Arc, Einstien etc)  It would have to be Budha
  2. What is you favorite color to blow with?  Black
  3. How did you come to be hooked up with Shell Shock?  Met them in Vegas
  4. Do you have any pets.  Yes 2 dogs, Olde Bulldogge and a boston terrier
  5. How long have you been in business  19yrs
  6. What sets you apart from other blowers?  The relationship with the customer, if you are friends with the people you sell to, all will work out
  7. When you got the munchies, what is your favorite snack?   Peets, marshmellow bunnies
  8.  What current artist would you like to make a collab with?    Ghost
  9. If you could miniaturize any animal real or fictional and make it your pet, what would it be and what is its size?   A miniture Chimpanzee that I could fit in my pocket                  

Product Videos

Dynomite pieces in full effect!