A beautiful electroformed oil hooting bong from Dub. Regular Bowl also available

Electroformed Bong

This bong is one of our new electroformed pieces! This particular piece comes from the awesome guys at Dub Glass!

The copper jacketing really gives this piece an old world feel. The intricate rope work wraps around the entire length of the piece. It comes with an oil bowl, complete with titanium nail. The oil bowl has a huge electroformed disk on the outside that looks like it came from a shipwreck.

This awesome bong also comes with a regular bowl that is pretty big. Gotta be a 3 gram bowl for sure! This regular bowl complements the bong nicely with it's own miniature rope wrapping around the outside. The oil bowl is a 19mm glass on glass fitting with it's own adapter that you can remove to accommodate the regular bowl that is a 16mm glass on glass fitting.

This bong is super versatile for the smoker who likes both concentrates and good old fashioned bud! The guys at Dub Glass really outdid themselves this time. The bong has the best of both worlds with great functionality and great looks!

Come down to our shops and check it out. It will be circulating through the three locations. For the month of September it will be at the Jasper Avenue location, then for October it will be at our Whitemud Crossing location, and November it will be on Whyte Ave.

Who Made It?

An electroform glass bong wrapped in rope, w/ titanium nail

Here is a little interview with our friends at Dub Glass. We first met Isaac and his lady back when they worked at Faded Glass. Now he is in charge of his own company and...