Errl smoking devices

So you got yourself some errl, now what. Well the world has moved past the days of rubbing it on a paper or dropping it on a cigarette. There is now choice out there for the errl connoisseur, and Shell Shock is the place to get it. Errl Domes, atom smashers, titanium, quartz and boro nails, and some very blazin  hooting devices. We even have the vector torches, guarrenteed for life. Our most popular item is the titanium swing arms. Get yourself a torch and your favourite bong and you are set. Heat the titanium plate drop the errl and hoot. What an easy concept. Similar results with the nails, just heat and hoot. You say the errl is too hard to work with, try some skillets. Just in from Skillettools in the USA, these are some of the best tools for dropping and using your errl. 3 styles to choose from, pick the one suited for you

Who Made It?

An electroform glass bong wrapped in rope, w/ titanium nail

Here is a little interview with our friends at Dub Glass. We first met Isaac and his lady back when they worked at Faded Glass. Now he is in charge of his own company and...