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Glass Stash Jars

Why Keep your buds in a glass jars?  This is a debate that has raged through the cannabis community for awhile now.  First of al,l glass will always give you back what you put into the jar.  The problem with baggies is that the plastic has a charge to it and eventually attracts all those wonderful THC crystal.  When this happens you cannot smoke those crystals, but in a glass jar, those crystals are smokable.  Also a jar can prevent the breakdown of THC, so if you want to store your stash longer, a jar is definitely the way to go

As High Times declares " Glass is the only thing you want to use for any kind of long term storage of quality cannabis"

Jars come in afew types, pop top and screw top are the most common.  The pop top jars have a glass lid with a gasket ring.  This creates an air vacuum to ensure maximum freshness.  In fact you should hear it pop everytime you use it.  The screw tops are just that, screw tops.  These are a more common variety, and they still have the freshness maintaining quality of the pop top, with an easy to open container.  The more artsy jars, come from glass blowers themselves and offer similar protection for your buds.  These are usually more expensive as they have some art qualities, and are usually one of a kinds.

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