What the F, is new at Shell Shock

Well folks the buyers at Shell Shock have been heading south to get some of that new product, and here is a little recap of some of the products that we have been getting in. To get the full story drop by one of our locations and talk to a knowledgable staff member.

Plenty Vape, by Storz and Bickel

Volcano has done it again!!! With all the excitement and sudden popularity of vaporizing, Storz and Bickel have come out with a new and improved unit of their own... The Plenty Vape. Initially it looks a little intimidating but once you get the run down it is pretty self explanatory.

Wowza Batman, new oil vaporizers

Dr. Kronic and the crew have gone to CHAMPS in Vegas and saw some of the new product coming down the pipeline to a Shell Shock nearest you. One of the most interesting and most talked about items out there was the new G-pen vaporizer.