Norah Pattison

June 19 2016 My bf and I were into your Whitemud location. Our purpose was to purchase a pack of rolling papers worth $2.52. We left after paying out $52.73. This is directly because of your salesperson (sales expert: Liban on front cash). Let me tell you that as a retail Management expert with16 years in the business, that if I were still recruiting, I would have recruited hard for that employee to work for me. He has exactly what it takes to balance sales pitch and congeniality. You have a star there. We will be back to purchase in that location, and we look forward to stellar service again.

D Jones

Without going into too much detail, I was quite impressed by a client of yours this past weekend. The client was SHELL SHOCK and that should tell you everything you need to know! Honestly, they were super helpful and I just thought I should let you know. Why? No idea, but it seemed like the thing to do.

Eric B

Your Whitemud Crossing location is easily the friendliest store I have ever been in my life, well worth the drive! Thank you, Eric Bray


My whole life I have never tried weed or any other sort of drug. Then one day I figured why not. A week after I tried weed for the first time I was told I had to take a drug test for a new positon my company was promoting me to. Scared I would fail the test and lose the position, I called Shell Shock and explained my situation. The staff were VERY professional, polite and helpful. They asked me the right questions and gave me the right urine test kit to use. The test came back negative and I was so thankful. The staff knew I was naive to this and they did not take advantage of me, they were helpful and reassuring. Thank you Shell Shock staff Sincerely N

Miss M

Just made a purchase at the whyte ave store and was blown away by how awesome your staff was!!! So nice and answered all my questions and made me feel better about being a newb, gave me some really great advice and showed me pleanty of options for what I was looking for. Absolutely fantastic, excited about my purchase and I can't wait to come back, Thanks!!!!!!

L ccoburn

Just left the whyte ave location, and wanted to leave some feedback for Amy, she was very knowledgeable regarding everyhing i needed to know. And very friendly. I was referred by a friend and i will be sure to refer any of my friends as well. Thanks very much :-)

Gaetan P

just came back from the Naughty Nice show in Calgary...u gotta give Janelle a raise!...i was treated awesome, she showed me what i want and might be looking for as well....dont loose that gurl she will make Shell Shock a house hold name one day!

Dave B.

Hello Colin, Thank you for fixing my problem. I have been buying many of the smelly proof bags you recommended. Thanks Again,


Thank you, Dr Kronic & Timbo! I really appreciate your helping us getting a new wand and for the discount! I must apologize, I did not come back to this email to check for further responses...had I, that would have saved me some panic! Again, your company came through for us! Thank you! Thank you! Yours truly,


Just wanted to say a quick thank you for all your help, information and great customer service! We were in last weekend and purchased 2 SSVs. OH MY we love them! Do you carry the diffuser piece for them?


Yesterday, February 5, 2010, at the Whitemud Crossing outlet, Devon was minding the store. Even though I didn’t buy anything, at this time, she handled my questions regarding vaporizers quite well. So, would you reward her in some way. I’m the tall, new convert to our way of life. Happy toking!


Thank you so much for taking care of me! The ol' lady's excited about her gift and gadgets to go with!


You were a great help and a delight to speak with (also no delay in getting my little inference that I wasn't alone in the room & it's my private business!) Hope this goes through and thank you again.


Just wanted to say a big ‘Thank You’ for hooking up Phillipa with the Volcano. It was greatly appreciated. Thanks Again! Have a GREAT weekend!