Synthetic Urine. Should I use Fake Pee to pass my drug test?

When it comes to taking a drug test, there are a few options, and one of them is using synthetic urine.  Synthetic urine, or fake pee has been an option for a few years and has quite a good success rate.  This is usually the choice for people who have very little time to clean up, or choose not to clean up before their test.  However it isn't always 100% as the person using it has to sneak the device/fake pee into their test and make sure that the temperature is correct.  So as good as synthetic urine is, it is up to the user to make sure that they take the test correctly so that their sample makes it to testing.

The reason that fake urine will work is because the chemicals used inside synthetic urine are the exact chemicals that testing equipment look for to declare a pass.

When going into a drug test with synthetic urine there are a few things that you must do to ensure you can pass your test.  The biggest thing is being comfortable with the device you are using, and make sure you know how to operate it.  We recommend that you pick your clothes for the test and maybe do a dry run, so as not to look suspicious when taking your test.  You will know how to open the kit, and have less chance of things going wrong by doing a dry run.

The next thing is to make sure the temperature is within the correct parameters.  You need to make sure the sample is at body temperature, or between 98 and 100 degrees fahrenheit.  All the kits have a temperature strip and heating pads to help you get to this temperature, but you must be aware of what it is when taking the test.  If you are able to get the device into the test, and have a correct temperature you will have a great chance of passing you test.

That is the basic rundown on how to use the synthetic urine kits, and the team at Shell Shock is always there to answer your questions and help you pass your drug test.

Shell shock carries a few different types of synthetic urine kits, as each person taking the test is unique and they might have different needs as to how they bring in their sample, to how comfortable they feel with a certain brand.  Below is a list of the different synthetic kits that we carry at Shell Shock


Whiz Kit 

Whizz Kit Synthetic Urine Fake Pee Pass a drug test Shell Shock Edmonton Canada
The Whizz Kit is the original refillable belt and the first unisex refillable urine kit on the market.   Comes complete with over 4 oz of toxin and disease free premixed synthetic urine, two organic heat pads, easy to read temperature strip, 100% cotton detachable elastic belt plus a 60 ml syringe.  The refillable belt is a "gravity operated" device.  It delivers a toxin free urine sample through a rubber tube that is part of a light weight apparatus which wraps around you waist and is worn under your clothing.  The urine is easily delivered by releasing the two clips that retain the urine in the bladder bag.  The refillable belt comes completely assembled and is very simple to use.

Lil Whiz

Lil Whizz Synthetic Urine Fake Pee Pass a drug test Shell Shock Edmonton Canada
The Lil Whizz Kit is a non-refillable one time use, disposable 3 oz belt.  It comes with everything you need right out of the box.  The premixed synthetic unisex urine reacts and feels like real urine when used as directed.  SImilar to the Whizz Kit, but not made to be refilled

Agent X


Agent X comes in a 3oz bottle with heating pack and urine.  Comes in a premixed or a dry version you mix yourself.  Popular with people who want to fill easily with friends sample, and then you are left with the dry urine for an emergency.  The two types are a prefilled liquid version and a mix your own dry version.

Quick Fix

Quick Fix Fake Pee Synthetic Urine Pass A drug test Shell Shock Edmonton Canada
Quick Fix Synthetic Urine is a laboratory grade synthetic urine that is used to calibrate urine testing machines. This synthetic urine contains all of the ingredients found in natural human urine and is balanced for pH, specific gravity and creatinine. In fact, every batch of Quick Fix is tested before it leaves the lab!  Quickfix is unisex, meaning it will work for both male and female. Unlike dehydrated or powdered urine the QuickFix is pre-mixed, making it easy to use in any last minute situation. Quick Fix takes only about 15 seconds to prepare!

Clean Kit 

Clean kit detox fake pee kit shell shock edmonton canada

The Clean Kit is the first empty refillable kit from ALS.  This kit comes with everything you need to discreetly hide any type of fluids.  It comes with an empty vinyl medical grade bag attached to a cotton elastic belt.  It has an easy to read temperature strip, a refill port and a hose with two clips attached.  You will also receive a medical grade syringe, 2 organic heat pads ( will heat fluid up to realistic body temp of 98.6 degrees ) and a set of instructions. You can choose to put any type of fluid in the bag, just be sure to clean it out after every use.


There you go, now you have the different options available to you at Shell Shock that can help you pass your drug test and get working 


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