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Why You should be using a Weed Grinder
Most seasoned tokers will tell you that a weed/herb grinder is one of the most important tools in a tokers arsenal.  The ability to crush your cannabis up and have it ready to be packed in a bowl, or ready to roll for a joint is a great thing.  
Top 7 Activities that go well with Smoking Weed
All of you tokers have been in this situation, you are high and you need something to do.  Well Fam, the folks at Shell Shock have your back and can recommend some great things to do to make your high more enjoyable. 
Cannabis Camping Essentials by Tyrone
The snow has melted and you have found some time to get away into the outdoors.  These are some of the essentials you need when heading out into the back 40 for a little rest and relaxation this year. The staff at Shell Shock has curated a little collection of must haves toking devices and accesories to make your camping experience even better
Decarboxylation. What is it and how to do it
If you want to get into the edibles game and make your own, you need to know about decarboxylation.  This is a crucial step in making your edibles more effective. What is Decarboxylation? To achieve decarboxylation, all you have to...