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The Best 420 Weed Gear From Edmonton



What’s better than smoking some weed with high quality paraphernalia and accessories?  Doing it while supporting local! Let’s take a look at some of our favourite Edmonton favorites. From glass to storage, vaping to accessories, Edmonton is producing some of the best gadgets a stoner can get!


Dab Realm


 Dab Realm Tools and Accessories available at Shell Shock

Dab Realms offers beautiful and unique handcrafted, heady dab tools and accessories. Using only the best stainless steel and epoxy resin and other materials, each Dab Realm dab tool and accessories is unique of highest quality. In addition to tools, Dab Realm also make beautiful resin dab jars and pendants.


Brain Candy Studio


The Brain Candy Studio is home to a collection of Edmonton’s best glassblowers, including some of Shell Shock’s local favourites such as Hokey Pokey, Samantic's and Kaboom Glass. In addition to being the home of some great local artists, brain candy also offers torch rentals and glass blowing classes to help grow the art and glass scene in the Edmonton area.


Samantics Glass available at Shell Shock


Brain Candy Studio in YEG




Stone Smiths are one of Edmonton’s most exciting cannabis companies. Founded on a dedication to cannabis, design and engineering, Stone Smiths aims to be the most flavour truthful and thoughtfully designed portable concentrate pens on the market. Their Slash and Piccolo pens both feature ceramic heating platforms and Stone Smiths’ signature magnetic cap for market-leading flavour profiles and ease of use.


 Piccolo Concentrate Vape available at Shell Shock





Ookeoo is an Alberta company specializing in high quality storage units for everything from your doobie, to your nugs, to your favourite piece of glass. They make stylish glass jars, lockable all in one travel kits, stainless steel doobie/one hit containers all from top quality materials and designed  right here in Alberta.


Ookeo Storage Solutions available at Shell Shock




G Core


GCore is another Edmonton company that has quickly risen to be among the most popular in their field. Best known  for their disposable nicotine vaporizers, GCore has rapidly become a vapers favourite with their easy to use and flavourful products.


There are many other great Canadian brands and artists to check out! 

Glass Alchemy Pipes, Shine Glassworks and Hippo Glass, Buzz Ceramics and Northern Lights Grinders, Canadian Lumber, and Arizer Vape Company just to name a few.


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