2.2 Kannastor GR8TR w/ Jar Body

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  • Micro-Teeth and Dish Press (MTP) Design - Our innovative Micro-Teeth and Press (MTP) design has many benefits over traditional style grinders. Effortless grinding action - The MTP design creates and utilizes stronger "micro-teeth" that shred from the top and the bottom while simultaneously gently pressing through grinds. Since the MTP design requires far less torque and strength to complete your grind, it allows users with medical conditions and less physical strength to grind almost effortlessly. Easy cleaning - Additionally, Micro-teeth allow the user to remove any loose bits simply and easily with your fingers. No special tools required. - No Spills - With it's recessed cup-like cavity, the MTP design also greatly reduces the likelihood that material will spill out of the grinding chamber.


  • Friction / Residue rings - The key to an effortless grind time after time. The friction / residue rings on the GR8TR grinder create an "Air Ride" by greatly reducing the friction created between the exterior wall of the press and inner wall of the grinding chamber. Not only do the pockets of air make for an easier grind, the rings also act as a residue collector - so the 50th grind is just like the first and your grinder requires very little maintenance and cleaning.


  • Interchangeable GR8TR Plates - The Choice is Yours. The GR8TR's patent pending interchangeable grinder plates have created the first and only grinder with the ability to customize the consistency of your grounds. This means that whether your preference is Vaporizers, Pipes, RYO - or all of the above - the GR8TR has the grind you're looking for. Like all Kannastör parts, the plates are made from 60 / 61 hardened aluminum, then chemically bathed and anodized before being final inspected by hand to ensure each and every plate meets our rigorous standards.


  • Putting the STöR in Kannastör - Storage was a major consideration with the new GR8TR design. Not only have we added storage for a second GR8TR plate, we have also added storage inside the grinder top that can be used for either course or fine finished grounds or for unground material wanted for a future session. Now you can grind, sift and store more than just one blend and / or style of grind.


  • Portable by Design - Each GR8TR has been designed with "on the go" in mind. The lid and base of each GR8TR can be easily combined to create a pocket sized storage "puck" so you can grind at home and take your blend anywhere with ease.


  • Easy Change Screen - Our Patent Pending Easy Change Screen was incorporated into the GR8TR's revolutionary design to allow for even more versatility and options for our customers. Kannastör is the only grinder that has the easy change screen with four mesh styles available so you can customize your sifting too!