Ash Catcher Bowls 14MM 45°
Ash Catcher Bowls 14MM 45°
Ash Catcher Bowls 14MM 45°

Ash Catcher Bowls 14MM 45°

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45° 14mm Ashcatchers

Gear Showerhead: Clear ashcatcher with a green inner stem/showerhead percolator.

Hoss 6-Arm: External Ash Catcher with 6 Arm Diffuser.  This ash catcher is an awesome addition to almost any setup.  It helps to filter smoke and ash through its downstem diffuser and external body.  This also helps to keep your main piece cleaner for longer

Hydros Showerhead: Hydros Glass showerhead with recessed joint

Pulsar Fab Egg: Keep your water pipe clean with these elegant egg-style percolator ash catcher from Pulsar. Made with durable borosilicate glass and feature colour accents. Ash catchers help keep customers pipes from getting dirty and provides the ultimate filtration for the best hits

Pulsar 5 Arm: Clear 5 arm tree perc ashacatcher

Pulsar 5.5" Showerhead: Large ashcatcher. Clear outter glass with a coloured stem and accents. various colours.