Cham 77 Holiday Pickle W/ Case

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The Christmas Pickle Glass Pipe hails from our interpretation of a century old holiday tradition; the last ornament on the tree is a pickle, and whomever finds the pickle gets the pickle present. How many Christmas trees and Hanukkah bushes have been toppled by over eager children rushing to get first look for the pickle and score it’s gift? Well, this one is no different…except it’s for adults, and the gift is not some dime store trinket, the gift in the tree is a gift OF the tree…well, our version of trees that is!

The Christmas Pickle Glass Pipe comes with a handy storage case to be kept safe wherever you store your holiday paraphernalia , to provide enjoyment year after year. The piece also features a hook loop so it can be hung safely and easily wherever it needs to go. Maybe in your tree, maybe it’s your new adult version of Elf on the Shelf …. who knows. Whatever your choice, this pipe has become an institution of it’s own.