Dr.Dabber Evo Boost Vape Parts
Dr.Dabber Evo Boost Vape Parts
Dr.Dabber Evo Boost Vape Parts
Dr.Dabber Evo Boost Vape Parts
Dr.Dabber Evo Boost Vape Parts

Dr.Dabber Evo Boost Vape Parts

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The Boost EVO Atomizer is a fully built component that includes the IntelliTEMP heating element, a quartz vaporizing chamber, and a stainless steel body. The heating element and internals of the atomizer are fully isolated from your oils as well as the vapor-path to prevent any residue build up.

The IntelliTEMP heating element includes a built in, patent pending temperature sensor that sends feedback on the atomizer's temperature in real-time to the unit to deliver accurate, repeatable vapor experience every single time. The Boost EVO Quartz Atomizer also features our Snaptech magnetic system, making the loading process incredibly simple, with no threading or twisting necessary for insertion or removal.


BOOST EVO CLASSIC GLASS  (the original water attachment)

  • Replacement Glass for Boost EVO
  • Bent Neck Mouthpiece
  • Showerhead Dome Perc



The Boost EVO Hemisphere Glass Attachment has arrived! Designed with stealth in mind, the Hemisphere Glass Attachment has a low-profile design, slimming down the overall look and feel of your EVO. 

Rip your EVO like never before with an airy, smooth draw! Use maximum lung power to generate intense vapor production with an unrestricted pull. We designed the vapor pathway to be unobstructed, providing dense vapor, dab after dab without the fear of clogging.



Our new TDE, or "Traditional Dab Experience" line, converts your BOOST EVO into an eRig powerhouse! Adding the ability to hot load your concentrates and provide directional airflow with the included carb cap.

  • The TDE conversion kit works directly with a Boost EVO Quick Connect Adapter. Easily swap between different glass attachments to suit your mood or session size.

  • The TDE Ball Rig features a large water reservoir with a showerhead percolator, allowing for a higher resistance pull. This accessory offers the user a restricted draw, using less lung power to deliver dense, flavorful hits!

  • The TDE Ball Rig will also come with both white and black silicone seals and carb cap seals, allowing you to mix or match with your Boost EVO.



Th DR.DABBER SWITCH Sidewinder Attachment is cleverly designed to create a higher resistance pull, similar to that of a traditional glass water pipe with a large volume of water. 

Featuring precision cut snowflake-shaped percolators, the Sidewinder Attachment offers the best of both worlds, with recycling function as well as percolation. The result is an exceptionally deep, smooth draw that you wouldn't expect from such an ornate design. Requiring absolutely zero compromise, the Sidewinder Attachment is the perfect balance of beauty and function.