GEAR & RedEye GOG 14mm Bowls

GEAR & RedEye GOG 14mm Bowls

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Classic Built-In Screen:  Classic funnel style bowl with a buily in star screen.

Cone: Classic cone style bowl

Cone Pull Out: Classic cone style bowl with handle.

Cone W/ Leaf Stamp: Classic cone style bowl with a flat handle with a leaf stamp.

Honeycomb: Double walled round-style bowl with a built in honeycomb screen.

Honeycomb Screen: Pinch-hitter style bowl with a buily in honeycomb screen.

Frit Pull Out: Double wall, round-style bowl with a frit glass design.

Pinch: Pinch hitter style bowl with a four pronge built in screen.

Terminator: Cone style bowl with a diamond-shaped handle and a shiney metallic looking finish.

Thumper: Thick glass cone style bowl with a heavy handle built into the lip of the bowl.

XL Sugar Barrel:  Large cone style bowl with heavy support/grip rings.

XL Blaster Cone: Extra large cone style bowl with thick handle.

Blaster Cone: Cone style bowl with a thick handle.

Diamond Handle: Cone style bowl with a diamond shaped handle and a built in star style screen.