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Puffco Peak Vape

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The Puffco peak vaporizer is an exciting device designed to deliver the best concentrate experience possible. It is easy to use even for beginners being fully operable by a single button. The design takes after a bong and is pyramid like though most people may relate it to a lava lamp. It is 7 Inches tall and has a 2.75-inch base. The peak weighs just a little over a pound which makes it easy for one hand handling. It comes with an inbuilt battery which fully charges within two hours’ maximum and delivers between 25-30 hits before a recharge which ensures that the vape session will last a longtime. It is certainly the futuristic way to dab.

Features of the Puffco peak Vaporizer Kit

Renown to be the world’s first smart rig, the Puffco peak vaporizer features an intelligent temperature calibration which ensures that with every hit there is consistency of the vapor and flavors that being because it is designed for sharing and everyone should get the exact experience. The peak offers a ceramic bowl which is easily detachable to make cleaning easy. It also includes a glass tapered stem which can be filled with a little water for better vapor filtration. Another plus is that it is very portable and includes a safe casing to hold the vaporizer and accessories; USB cable and supercharger plus cleaning swabs and loading tools. The Puffco peak is definitely the best vaporizer available in the market.