Purple Rose Cannagar Mold
Purple Rose Cannagar Mold
Purple Rose Cannagar Mold
Purple Rose Cannagar Mold
Purple Rose Cannagar Mold

Purple Rose Cannagar Mold

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A cannabis cigar provides an elevated smoking experience as a slow-burning, full-flavored roll that lasts for hours. When compressing cannabis with our G2 Cannagar Mold, you’ll get the smoothest smoking experience possible and the ability to customize to your liking. Cannagars are perfect when you feel like kicking your feet up like a boss and treating yourself.

Skewers – creates airflow for super smooth hits
Wooden tip – protects your lips and gives a classier feel
Cannagar Mold – allows you to easily store and cure your dope cannabis cigar
Built-in Funnel – easily pack your mold without the mess
Packing Tool – helps you compress cannabis for a slow-burning experience

Cannagar Size: Personal

Fits: 2-4 grams (Great when blazin alone)
Smokes: 30 minutes – 1 hour depending on how heavy of a smoker you are

Dimensions: 0.375 inch diameter x 3.5 inches long
Ring Gauge: 24

Cannagar Size: Small

Fits: 3.5-7 grams (Great for blazin in a small group, or with a couple of friends)
Smokes: 1-2 hours depending on how heay of a smoker you are and your group of tokers

Dimensions: 0.5 inch diameter x 2.75 inches long
Ring Gauge: 32

Cannagar Size: Large

Fits: 10-14 grams (Great for bringing to the event or party, making you the ultimate canagar roller)
Smokes: 2-4 hours depending on the amount of people and how hard they be tokin

Dimensions: 0.65 inch diameter x 3.9 inches long
Ring Gauge: 42