Yo Dabba Banger Quartz 90

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The Yo Dabba Quartz Banger can be heated in 10 seconds or less. Made from food and medical-grade quartz, this 100% Quartz Banger offers smoother, tasty hits.

The 2mm Quartz Banger can be heated to a glowing orange in 10 seconds or less, but due to the low thermal conductivity of quartz, it has a tendency to cool down in the same amount of time. Pair this Banger with a Quartz Carb Cap to maximize it’s heat retention, almost doubling the time it takes to cool down.

Because quartz is not chemically reactive, Quartz Bangers are food and medical grade, meaning there are no adverse side effects after heating the nail to extreme temperatures.


Available in 10mm/14mm/19mm, MALE or FEMALE connections. 90° neck angle.


Also available as the 4mm Thick in 14mm MALE or Female, the 4mm Quartz Banger retains heat twice as long as the 2mm Banger and four times as long when paired with the Quartz Carb Cap. Use a Banger Carb Cap with the 4mm Quartz Banger to produce the smoothest, tastiest, terpene-preserving, low-temperature dabs, and watch as the vapor vortexes inside the airtight vacuum.