RH StayFresh

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RH STAYFRESH Is Like A Water-Vapor Sponge That Releases And Absorbs Water Vapor Due To The Pressure And Temperature Of The Environment.  Dependent Upon The Desired RH, The Geography, And Climate Of Your Location, The Pak Will Work To Manage The Humidity By Either Adding Water Vapor To The Environment Or Absorbing It.

 The Impregnated Eco-Friendly Fiber Membrane Allows The Transmission Of A Vapor And Will Not Cause Any Damage To Product Or Packaging Through Contact. A Vital Benefit To RH STAYFRESH Is That It Contains No Fluids That Behave Like Liquids That Potentially Could Seep Or Leak Through The Packaging And Destroy Your Product.

When The Indicator Card Provided Changes From Pink To Blue, You’ll Want To Replace The Pak(S). This Card Is Made Of All-Natural Fiber. So, There Is No Concern For A False Reading Or Cross-Contaminating Your Stash Or RH Pak.  Also, Pay Attention To How Your Pak Feels To The Touch. When The RH STAYFRESH Pak Is Completely Dry It Feels Like A Light-Weight Hard Clay Tile.