RYOT Safe Case Carbon w/ Lock - Large 4.0L

RYOT Safe Case Carbon w/ Lock - Large 4.0L

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Lockable Storage Case

Introducing the RYOT 4.0L Safe Case Carbon Series with SmellSafe and Lockable Technology in Black with RYOT Lock: the ultimate odor-protected carrying case. This durable case also features a moisture seal zipper, weather-proof fabric, and carbon lining. With an integrated rolling tray and straps to secure your gear, the 4.0L Safe Case is your all-in-one smoking station.

Sayf Case Features:

  • Size: 4.0L | 4.5x 5.5x 8.5
  • RYOT odor absorption SmellSafe carbon integrated technology
  • Locking zipper
  • RYOT Lock included
  • Exclusive X-Strap technology
  • High tech removable RYOT Fresh Pod included
  • Removable rolling tray/carbon odor absorption SmellSafe pad
  • Rugged weather-resistant hardshell antimicrobial microfiber exterior
  • Soft wall memory style padding