Yo Dabba Nail Titanium

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Yo Dabba All-in-One Domless Tianium Nail: The All-In-One Domeless Nail is completely adjustable and convertible. Like the Autobot of the dabbing world, this incredible piece of equipment easily transforms to fit any dab rig with a 14mm or 19mm male or female joint. Composed of five pieces, the All-In-One Domeless Nail can be taken apart and put back together in multiple ways to fit whatever dab rig you have. Plus, since it’s made out of titanium, this dab accessory is virtually indestructible; it won’t break, crack, or chip, and will survive even your clumsiest friends.

Yo Dabba Domeless 10/14MM Female Titanium Nail: Want a nail that can fit multiple rigs and won’t break if it gets dropped or stepped on? Buy the female stepper domeless nail, designed to fit any 10mm, 14mm or male joints. With a traditional cup design, this nail is affordable, effective and uncomplicated, making it a great purchase for both dabbing novices and aficionados.

Yo Dabba Domeless Enail 6 in 1 16mm/20mm Titanium Nail: Our 6-in-1 Titanium Domeless eNail Replacements is made to fit our 16mm or 20mm eNail coils. The great news is there’s no second guessing what size you need because our eNail is designed to perfectly fit your rig with 10mm, 14mm, and 19mm joints, male or female.