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2019 Edmonton Fringe Festival Aug 16 - 25th

Shell Shock has joined the Fringe.  Come see us on location outside of the Orange Hall in the heart of the Fringe.  We will be bringing our mystery boxes and some other goodies to help make your Fringe a little bit more lit.


Join Us at K-days July 19-29
The Shell Shock crew will be out and about this summer.  After our first experience with K-days, we will be back for round 2, July 19-29.  Drop by the booth and checkout our surprise boxes and some crazy K-days deals...
Bongo July 5th
Our next edition of Bongo is coming soon.  Make your summer plans and get out to Bongo on July 5th.  12-14 bingo rounds with a chance to win awesome toking prizes. Swag bags, bingo prizes and a night of hanging...
Bingo Bong May 18th
Come for the 3rd rendition of Bingo Bongo.   All information is on our Facebook page  So come by, get high and play some bingo. Saturday May 18th
Bingo Bongo 4:20 edition
Bingo Bongo 420 edition at the Orange Hall, Thursday April 18th, 2019.  Come get your Bingo on and get a chance to win some awesome stoner prizes
Bingo Bongo
Bingo Bongo presented by Shell Shock at the Orange Hall, friday Feb 22, 2019.  Tickets at the door
Shell Shock 17th Birthday bash and Trivia Night
Shell Shock 17th birthday bash and trivia night at the Crash hotel, October 5th 7pm