Celebrate our 20th Anniversary with the Shell Shock Crew

This month Shell Shock turns 20! To celebrate, let’s meet some of the characters behind Edmonton’s favorite smoke shop!


20 years ago a group of pot smoking critters dragged themselves out of a cloud of weed smoke in the Edmonton River Valley and made their way to Whyte Avenue. It was there that they founded Shell Shock, based upon a dream of high quality smoking paraphernalia, the best customer service, and smoking fat blunts with your pals. Let us introduce you to the characters behind Edmonton’s best smoke shop!



Dr Kronic : What’s that smell? The doctor is in! The skunkiest doctor in town has the prescription for you and yes, it’s smoking some weed. Dr. Kronic is an all around expert in everything from smoking, to vaping, to storage, to detoxing weed out of your system (should the unfortunate case arise). Well known for his namesake Dr Kronic’s Krutches doobie filters, the good doctor will have the cure for whatever ails you!


Tyrone Herbert Cole: The shell of Shell Shock, Tyrone is a lovable stoner turtle who loves nothing more than rolling back on his shell and taking a big old bong rip. Shell Shock’s resident bong expert, Tyrone knows exactly what makes the right bong right for you.


Doobie O’Hare: Doobie O’Hare, as her name suggests, loves nothing more than sparking a doobie. The classic, tried and true way of smoking some bud. Doobie grinds it fluffy and rolls it chunky. She also likes to keep it natural by  growing her own in her vegetable garden.


Errl: Errl the Monkey is Shell Shock’s in house dab aficionado. From hitting a cartridge while swinging in a tree to running a giant glob of dabs through one of his heady rigs at his treehouse. Errl stays high on the highest potency stuff. If he isn’t taking a fat dab then you’ll find him with a gorilla finger size blunt.


Shroom Bear: Shroom Bear had a name, but they can’t remember it. Probably doesn’t matter anyway. What does matter is they are a bear that loves eating and growing mushrooms. Often found sneaking into Doobie O’ Hare’s vegetable garden to spread spores to make their famous mushroom honey.


Professor Hoots: HOO, HOO, take a HOOt says Professor Hoots, Shell Shock’s resident vape expert. The Professor is all about health, that’s why she primarily hits vaporizers, but still likes to indulge in the occasional doobie before bed. While sharing an evening joint with Dr Kronic and Roachella, the three critters decided to make their own brand of filters based on their doobie preferences. Science to the rescue! 


Roachella: Roachella the cockroach likes her doobies fat and her filters long. Often found catching a ride on the shoulder of any of her larger Shell Shock homies, usually smoking one or two joints and preparing her next rolls all at the same time. She loves to roll joints for all her friends, often rolling joints and blunts triple her size! Don’t let her size fool you, she smokes just as much as the rest of the Shell Shock crew.

Swing by any location during October to celebrate with us! Come and check out all the awesome swag these guys got to offer! We got our loveable characters spread throughout the store so you may find them on your favorite lighter or tray and some other cool things.  Also check out what Tyrone and Dr.Kronic are up to through our Instagram and Facebook.

Thanks to all your beautiful stoner souls out there supporting us through the years and making a "Turtley" Awesome Dream come true for us.  We look forward to seeing all your stoney faces!


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