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How to pass a Drug test effectively is one of the most heard questions at Shell Shock. The most difficult decision is trying to pick the right detox for you. There usually isn't one easy answer so we try to give you a few choices when it comes time to take your drug test. Essentially,  the choice is really up to you, the user and with a little bit of info we can slot you into the best detox for your test. Basically there are 5 types of detox that you can use to beat your drug test, Masking DrinkFull detox (5-7 days)Oral and HairSynthetic urine, and Precleanse

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Detoxify has long been trusted as the herbal cleanse solution for people who want to live their lives on their terms while working hard to maintain that lifestyle. For more than a decade, one of our most well-known products has been Mega Clean, the original big badass bottle of detox that was designed to work for just about anyone with any toxicity. Last year, we introduced Mega Clean NT, differentiating it from its older brother, and that has also created some confusion that we’d like to clear up.

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Well legalization is upon us, however those in the trades and other occupations in Alberta, and across Canada are still drug testing for marijuana. With over 17 yrs experience, we at Shell Shock would like to give you a few detoxing tips. In this blog we will be talking about the heavy user, both in weight and in toking.

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