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If you want to get into the edibles game and make your own, you need to know about decarboxylation.  This is a crucial step in making your edibles more effective. What is Decarboxylation? To achieve decarboxylation, all you have to do is apply some heat and the effects produced are fascinating. As you know, the main psychoactive compound in weed is THC, but there is little of it in raw herb. Instead, you’ll find a lot of THCA, which is non-intoxicating. When you add heat to your marijuana however, you transform THCA into THC. This happens because the decarb process...

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Well legalization is upon us, however those in the trades and other occupations in Alberta, and across Canada are still drug testing for marijuana. With over 17 yrs experience, we at Shell Shock would like to give you a few detoxing tips. In this blog we will be talking about the heavy user, both in weight and in toking.

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Part 1: Types of Weed Legalization is coming, and our shops have been buzzing like a beehive. Everyone wants to know exactly how things will shake out, and so do we! The future is fabulous, but we're not there yet.  I want to talk about the past.  You know who you are.  You had a weed plant in your living room in your 20's, and you try to keep a straight face as your grown children are vaping their avocado toast.  You're pretty sure you want to try smoking again, then you hear these reports that today's weed is 3...

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